Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pics from the Mont.

This years Mont was run over the weekend of the 4-5th April. It was great to be in a team 24hr race for once, living a life of leisure I even fitted in a couple of beers between laps.

The trails was perfect, having absolutely bucketed down the night before it had turned into a path to heaven. Somehow, I swear with out a word of a lie, it had become tackier than fresh bitumen and was quite literally the best surface I'd ever ridden on. If you don't believe me click on this pic and have a look!!!

It ended up being a great race, completely social and non-competitive. The weather was perfect and I even got six hours sleep before my exam on the Monday. Enjoy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Track bike re-incarnate.

The old Hillbrick has only seen the velodrome a couple of times in the last year. The guilt started to get to me so I decided to make it street worthy. Carbon forks and my old carbon Salsa bars make her ride nice and smooth, while the Ellipse wheels keep her nice and stiff. Can't get enough.

Rach's Canberra Visit.

We spent the weekend just bu,bling around Canberra, I'm still exploring just as much as Rach is when she comes up.

I know these photos aren't really Rach oriented, but there was a Corvette show on and I thought I'd get some photos of shiny things.

We even went to the Kingston Markets, where there is a crazy antique shop, I think they may need to expand.....

And we paddled around the lake.

Tim and Mike met up with us again in Canberra and we headed to my favourite restaurant/pub the Tongue and Groove.

We even got photos with the Goon Bag memorial.....

Before we visited one of the best little secrets in Canberra, The Phoenix.

Coffe and cake at the National Archives. Yum yum.

Kosciuscko National Park Walk.

Rach came up to Canberra for Easter and Tim and MIke decided they'd head up to the mountains for a look around. We decided to head up and meet them to do a walk.

We decided on the Blue Lake walk in Kosciuscko National Park.

Spot the difference!!!

It was freezing but a couple of layers were eneough to keep us warm as long as we kept moving.

It was a fantastic day out in our challet gear. Can't wait to get up there once it snows.